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Moon Information For September 1 2011 (Spain)

Moon September 1, 2011 (Spain)

The Moon information shown here applies to Madrid, Spain on Thursday, September 1, 2011. (Local time Europe/Madrid)

Moonrise to moonset10h41m
Distance to the center of the Sun150,984,694 km
Distance to the center of Earth363,301 km
Moon ilumination (at midnight)11.2%
Lunar phasewaxing
Current zodiac sign the MoonLibra ♎
Moon age (days past new moon)3.2

Moon-Planet Conjunctions

A Moon-planet conjunction occurs when an astronomical object has either the same, or nearly the same, right ascension or the same ecliptic longitude of that of the Moon, as observed from Earth. Check all the conjunctions in September 2011.

Astronomical ObjectsDate and TimeDegrees Apart
Moon and Spica2011-09-01 12:06Spica is 2.2 degrees North of the Moon.
Moon and PleiadesSeptember 18Pleiades is 2.8 degrees North of the Moon.
Moon and MarsSeptember 23Mars is 4.9 degrees North of the Moon.

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