Canadian Holiday On April 22 2019?

The following are Canada's holidays and observances that apply to Monday, 2019-04-22:

  • Easter Monday:

    [3][10] This is the monday after Easter and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Earth Day



[3] This is a holiday mandated by federal legislation for federally regulated employees. All banks commemorate this holiday, and it is statutory in some provinces and territories in Canada.

[10] Not a statutory holiday in any province or territory;however, in Quebec employers must give either Good Friday or Easter Monday as a statutory holiday, though most give both days. Banks remain open (legally they cannot close for more than three consecutive days except in emergencies), but employees often receive a "floating"paid day off to be taken on or near the holiday. This is not one of the nine "General Holidays"as defined by the Canada Labour Code - Part III. As such, there is no legal requirement for private sector employers in federally regulated industries to provide Easter Monday as a paid holiday to employees. However, many federal government offices will be closed on this day.

[16] This is a civil observance in Canada and it is generally not taken as holiday.

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