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US Holiday On September 28 2019?

The following is a compilation of American federal holidays, federal observances, state holidays and other common patriotic and national observances and commemorations that apply to the United States during Saturday, 2019-09-28:

  • National Hunting and Fishing Day:

    [pro] On this day we reflect on the value hunting and fishing bring to our lives -- from fortified family bonds to a renewed appreciation for nature -- and conservation efforts to ensure future generations will have the same opportunity to take part in this experience. According to the Presidential Proclamation,
    Across America, hunting and fishing connect people of all ages to our Nation's splendor, instilling a conservation ethic that spans generations. As mist clears off glistening lakes and fog lifts from forests and grasslands, sportsmen and women carry forward a proud tradition rooted in self-reliance and environmental stewardship. On National Hunting and Fishing Day, we recognize all those who responsibly participate in these national pastimes and their contributions to the preservation of our land, water, and wildlife.
  • National Public Lands Day:

    [pro] On this day, Americans of all ages will help maintain and restore outdoor resources and ecosystems at more than 2,200 sites across the United States. Volunteers will remove trash from the beaches and clear debris from the hiking trails;from coast to coast, they will plant new trees, remove invasive species, and complete large and small projects to beautify and preserve our open spaces. According to the Presidential Proclamation,
    From sandy beaches to snow-capped mountain tops, America's vast and varied landscapes stretch the breadth of our continent. These treasured spaces support outdoor recreation, serve as living classrooms and laboratories, and boost our local economies. Today, one-third of all our Nation's land is publicly owned -- set aside for the use and enjoyment of every American. As we celebrate the expansive and magnificent beauty bequeathed to us by generations past, we recognize our profound obligation as caretakers of this natural bounty, and we rededicate ourselves to the important work of preserving and protecting our land and environment in our own time.
  • Parent’s Week:

    [oh-sp] The fourth week of September is designated as "Parent's Week" to commend and encourage the work of parents in supporting and caring for their children.
  • Native American Indian Day:

    [oh-sp] The fourth Saturday in September shall be designated as "Native American Indian Day."


[pro] This is a special day designated by presidential proclamation.

[oh-sp] This is a special day, week or month by Statutory Designation in the State of Ohio.

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