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Solar Calendar July 2017 (Antarctica)

The following calendar is specific to Vostok, Antarctica. It shows the sunrise and sunset times as well as the duration of the days in July 2017.

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Daylight duration

We show daylight length in Vostok during July 2017 and the daylight length for the equinox and solstice for comparing. From July 1, 2017 until July 31, 2017 daylight does not vary.

Summer Solstice 
Autumnal Equinox 
Winter Solstice 

Sunrise and Sunset

Times of sunrise and sunset in Vostok during July 2017.


Solar Events

2017DaylengthDawnSunsetSolar NoonSunriseDusk
100h 00m 00s-06:3309:50---10:56---12:0215:20
200h 00m 00s-06:3209:45---10:56---12:0815:22
300h 00m 00s-06:3009:40---10:57---12:1315:24
400h 00m 00s-06:2809:35---10:57---12:1915:26
500h 00m 00s-06:2709:30---10:57---12:2415:28
600h 00m 00s-06:2509:25---10:57---12:3015:30
700h 00m 00s-06:2309:19---10:57---12:3615:33
800h 00m 00s-06:2009:14---10:57---12:4115:35
900h 00m 00s-06:1809:09---10:58---12:4715:38
1000h 00m 00s-06:1609:03---10:58---12:5315:41
1100h 00m 00s-06:1308:58---10:58---12:5915:44
1200h 00m 00s-06:1008:52---10:58---13:0415:47
1300h 00m 00s-06:0708:47---10:58---13:1015:50
1400h 00m 00s-06:0408:41---10:58---13:1615:53
1500h 00m 00s-06:0108:36---10:58---13:2215:57
1600h 00m 00s-05:5808:30---10:58---13:2816:00
1700h 00m 00s-05:5508:25---10:58---13:3316:04
1800h 00m 00s-05:5108:19---10:59---13:3916:07
1900h 00m 00s-05:4808:14---10:59---13:4516:11
2000h 00m 00s-05:4408:08---10:59---13:5116:15
2100h 00m 00s-05:4008:02---10:59---13:5716:19
2200h 00m 00s-05:3607:57---10:59---14:0216:23
2300h 00m 00s-05:3207:51---10:59---14:0816:27
2400h 00m 00s-05:2807:45---10:59---14:1416:31
2500h 00m 00s-05:2407:39---10:59---14:2016:36
2600h 00m 00s-05:2007:34---10:59---14:2616:40
2700h 00m 00s-05:1507:28---10:59---14:3216:45
2800h 00m 00s-05:1107:22---10:59---14:3716:49
2900h 00m 00s-05:0607:16---10:59---14:4316:54
3000h 00m 00s-05:0107:10---10:59---14:4916:58
3100h 00m 00s-04:5707:04---10:59---14:5517:03
Content last updated on 2016-10-26