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Solar Year Calendar 2019 (Cape Verde)


The following solar calendar shows information relevant to Praia, Cape Verde about the sunrise and sunset times and day length during 2019.

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Length of Days in Praia

We show daylight length in Praia during 2019 and the equinoxes and solstices. From June 1, 2019 until June 20, 2019, daylight becomes longer. From June 21, 2019 until June 22, 2019, daylight does not vary. From June 23, 2019 until December 21, 2019, daylight becomes shorter. From December 22, 2019 until May 30, 2020, daylight becomes longer.

Summer Solstice 
Autumnal Equinox 
Winter Solstice 

Equation of Time vs Day of the Year

We show the equation of time during 2019. In the graph, the day of the year in the x axis starting from January, and the difference between mean solar time and apparent solar time in the y axis.

The day with the highest negative value is Saturday, September 14 2019.

The day with the highest positive value is Wednesday, June 5 2019.

Apparent solar time and mean solar time are of the same length on the following days of the year:

  1. Sunday, January 13 2019 (Day 13)
  2. Wednesday, April 3 2019 (Day 93)
  3. Sunday, July 28 2019 (Day 209)
  4. Saturday, November 16 2019 (Day 320)

Equation of Time 
Vernal Equinox 
Summer Solstice 
Autumnal Equinox 
Winter Solstice 

Schedule of Solar Events

Time of sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk in Praia during 2019.

    Solar Noon 
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