Germany Guinness Records in 2007

This is a compilation of 29 Germany Guinness records in 2007. You may want to take a look at our complete list of Germany Guinness Records broken down by year.

WhenRecord nameWhatWho
02 December 2007Longest beard chain19.05/20 peopleVerband Deutscher Bartclubs e. V
23 November 2007Most times hit by a car in two minutes8 total numberDietmar Loeffler
23 November 2007Fastest time to burst three balloons with the back12 second(s)Julia Gunthel aka Zlata
23 November 2007Most rotations on a vertical rope in one minuteBrandon Pereyda
23 November 2007Heaviest object sword-swallowedThomas Blackthorne
03 November 2007Largest cha cha cha (multiple venue)47795 peopleAllgemeiner Deutscher Tanzlehrerverband
15 October 2007Tallest artificial air vortexMercedes-Benz Museum GmbH
09 October 2007Oldest person to perform a backflipWalter Liesner
23 September 2007Most backflips consecutively on inline skates, halfpipe31 total numberKevin Lopez
15 September 2007Longest row of fire hosesJurgen Sabel
15 September 2007Fastest parachuting Freefall Style (male)Marco Pflueger
01 September 2007Farthest distance climbed inverted up a pole in one minute9.73 metre(s)Nele Bruckmann
01 September 2007Most toilet seats broken by the head in one minuteKevin Shelley
01 September 2007Most ice cream scoops thrown and caught in one minute by a team of two25 total numberGabriele Soravia
01 September 2007Longest television programme, Guinness World Records Live ShowRTL
23 August 2007Largest collection of quartet cards1015 total numberSebastian Mayr
11 August 2007Fastest relay 4 x 100 m backwards62.55 minute(s):second(s)Gene Allen, Sebastian Krauser, Stefan Siegert, Roland Wegner
21 July 2007Tallest vase mouth blownWilli Preuss
21 July 2007Largest disposable nappy / diaperHolger Storfinger
13 July 2007Largest concert by Town Musicians of BremenBremer LeseLust
23 June 2007Most 'safety'golf balls hit in two minutes139 total numberDavid Ogron
23 June 2007Highest score in NFL Europa World Bowl gameHamburg Sea Devils
01 June 2007Tallest dinosaur skeleton mounted13.27 metre(s)Brachiosaurus brancai
30 April 2007Tallest burning effigy6.18 metre(s)Daniela Putz
29 April 2007Largest broom T shapedBernd Holtwick
07 March 2007Fastest Champions League goalRoy Makaay
20 February 2007Heaviest train carriage hauled by model locomotives47 tonne(s)/metric ton(s)Ulrich Grünewald
17 January 2007Farthest leaning tower5.1939 degree(s) (angle)Church of Suurhusen
2007First European player named "most valuable player"in an NBA regular seasonfirstDirk Nowitzki

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