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Brazil Holiday On November 19 2021?

The following are Brazil's national holidays and other observances that apply to Friday, 2021-11-19:

  • Treaty of Petrópolis Anniversary:

    [acre] [substitute] Today is the 118th anniversary of The Petropolis Treaty. The state of Acre was originally Bolivian territory and it was annexed to Brazil with the signing of the Treaty of Petropolis, on November 17, 1903 in the Brazilian city of Petrópolis. With this agreement, Brazil paid Bolivia the amount of 2 million pounds among other duties. Moreover, the document was signed as a means to end the conflicts of the Acre Revolution, which occurred in the region.


[acre] This is a holiday in the state of Acre. According to Law 2,247/2009, holidays will be celebrated on Friday if they fall between Tuesday and Thursday inclusive, except for State of Acre Anniversary.

[substitute] This is a substitute day. Treaty of Petrópolis Anniversary moved from 2021-11-17.

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