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Brazil Holiday On October 28 2021?

The following are Brazil's national holidays and other observances that apply to Thursday, 2021-10-28:

  • Public Servants Day:

    [facultativo] The 28th of October is intended to honor the Public Servants, who provide services to the State and goverment administration and are paid by the public funds. Public Servants Day was established by the government of Getulio Vargas in 1943 to honor those who are engaged in providing services to society. Since then, the government celebrates with activities such as lectures, workshops, exhibitions, awards and other actions. In 1990, Law 8112 confirmed the commemorative date.


[facultativo] This day is "optional holiday" in some municipalities. There are no impediments to work on an "optional holiday". Thus, the employer, according to art. 2 of the Labor Code, is under no obligation to free employees of work, but by means of negotiation.

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