Canadian Holiday On June 24 2021?

The following are Canada's holidays and observances that apply to Thursday, 2021-06-24:

  • Discovery Day

  • National Holiday of Quebec:

    This day coincides with the Midsummer (St. John the Baptist Day)
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day:

    The cultural pride and rich heritage of Canada’s Francophones are expressed in the colourful parades and lively festivities that mark Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, which takes place on June 24. Francophones and Francophiles across the country celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day—especially in Quebec, where June 24 has been officially declared the National Holiday.


[11] For Newfoundland and Labrador, these days have not been observed as statutory holidays since 1992. They are, however, observed by the provincial government. Unlike most other provinces, there is no province-wide holiday on the first Monday in August. It may be seen as redundant due to the Royal St. John's Regatta, which is observed as a civic holiday in St. John's on the first Wednesday in August (or, in case of poor weather, the next suitable day thereafter). Harbour Grace and Labrador City have a similar holiday for their regatta in late July. All other municipalities are entitled to designate one day a year as a civic holiday, however many do not take advantage of this.

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