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France Holiday On December 8 2023?

The following are national holidays in France. Note: Only la Fête du Travail (1st of May) is a public holiday by statute. The rest of the holidays are granted by convention collective (agreement between employers' and employees' unions) or by agreement of the employer. The following applies to Friday, 2023-12-08:

  • Festival of Lights:

    The Festival of Lights, is based on the celebration of feast of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary. It became a popular event, initiated by the city of Lyon in 1989, which is held every year for four days around December 8, the traditional date of the event, in Lyon (France). The Festival of Lights is now a tradition. Architects, visual artists, videographers, lighting engineers seize monuments, parks and gardens to make them shine with a thousand lights. More than 70 installations get decorated with lights.

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