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UK Holiday On June 8 2023?

The following calendar contains bank holidays, as declared in the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, notable days and other obervances in the United Kindom during Thursday, 2023-06-08. In addition, as declared in this Act, please note that:

  1. The days specified in this schedule may apply to England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or all of them.
  2. If it appears to Her Majesty that, in the special circumstances of any year, it is inexpedient that a day specified in this calendar should be a bank holiday, Her Majesty may by proclamation declare that that day shall not in that year be a bank holiday and appoint another day in place of it.
  3. Her Majesty may from time to time by proclamation appoint a special day to be, either throughout the United Kingdom or in any place or locality in the United Kingdom, a bank holiday.
  4. No person shall be compellable to make any payment or to do any act on a bank holiday under this Act which he would not be compellable to make or do on Christmas Day or Good Friday; and where a person would, apart from this subsection, be compellable to make any payment or to do any act on a bank holiday under this Act, his obligation to make the payment or to do the act shall be deemed to be complied with if he makes or does it on the next following day on which he is compellable to make or do it.
  • Lanimer Day:

    [5] [8] Lanimer Day is usually held on the Thursday between the 6th and 12 June, barring a June election. Schoolchildren and others parade through the town in costumes accompanied decorated floats. This is known as The Lanimer Procession. They each receive a Lanimer penny for participating. With the children march brass and pipe bands, ex-cornets, and visiting dignitaries. The court ride in cars after the parade, and the Queen has an open-top coach. Once the procession has gone once around the town centre, the children mount a stand in front of St Nicholas Church (and a statue of William Wallace on the steeple). The court also climb the stand and the Queen is crowned by a local lady, to acclaim from the assembled crowds. "Flower of Scotland" and "Scots Wha Hae" are played, and a Lanimer Proclamation read out, followed by the British national anthem.


[5] Not a bank holiday, but a notable day.

[8] Applies to the town of Lanark in Scotland.

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