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US Holiday On December 15 2023?

The following is a compilation of American federal holidays, federal observances, state holidays and other common patriotic and national observances and commemorations that apply to the United States during Friday, 2023-12-15:

  • Bill of Rights Day:

    [fed-ob] [pro] 232 years ago, the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution took effect, following their ratification by three-fourths of the states. The Presidential Proclamation states that
    The ratification of the Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791, marked one of our country's earliest and most important steps toward ensuring that the ideals enshrined in our founding documents are the birthright of all Americans. Written to guarantee our fledgling Nation would never succumb to the tyranny it fought against, these first 10 Amendments to our Constitution help safeguard the bedrock principles of equality, liberty, and justice.
    The following is a brief summary of the 10 ammendments to the Constitution of the Unites States:
    • First Amendment: It guarantees freedom of religion, speech, and the press, and protects the right of assembly.
    • Second Amendment: It protects the right to keep and bear arms.
    • Third Amendment: It guards against the forced quartering of troops.
    • Fourth Amendment: It protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.
    • Fifth Amendment: It guarantees a trial by jury, guards against being charged twice for the same offense and self-incrimination.
    • Sixth Amendment: It outlines the rights of the accused, including the right to have a "speedy and public" trial, the right to be informed of the charges made against him, the right to call witnesses in his defense, and the right to have an attorney in his defense.
    • Seventh Amendment: It codifies the right to a jury trial in certain civil cases, and inhibits courts from overturning a jury's findings of fact.
    • Eighth Amendment: It protects against cruel and unusual punishments.
    • Ninth Amendment: It addresses rights, retained by the people, that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution.
    • Tenth Amendment: It limits the power of federal government by reserving for the states all powers that are not explicitly granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor denied to the states.
    In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared December 15 to be Bill of Rights Day, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights.
  • Human Rights Week - Day 6:

    [fed-ob] [pro] Human Rights Week is a weeklong celebration meant to expose, educate, and create discussion opportunities for human rights issues. 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.According to the Presidential Proclamation,
    [...] during Human Rights Week, let us continue our urgent task of rejecting hatred in whatever form it takes and recommit to fostering a global community where every person can achieve their dreams and contribute to humankind.


[fed-ob] United States federal observances are days, weeks, months, or other periods designated by the United States Congress for the commemoration or other observance of various events, activities, or topics. These observances differ from Federal holidays in that Federal employees only receive a day free from work on holidays, not observances. Federal observances that are designated by Congress appear in Title 36 of the United States Code (36 U.S.C. § 101 et seq.).

[pro] This is a special day designated by presidential proclamation.

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