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The Sun - May 3 2022 (Bulgaria)


The sun information shown here applies to Sofia, Bulgaria on May 3, 2022. (Local time Europe/Sofia UTC+3) Change the date

Solar Noon13:23:34 (63.07°)

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Day and Night in Sofia

The position of the sun, the times of dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk shown below apply to Sofia on May 3, 2022 and come from data published by the Earth System Research Laboratory of the United States of America. For a month overview, please read May 2022 sun calendar.

Solar Noon 
Altitude (Sun) 
Astronomical Dawn04:27:3405:09:3400:42:00
Nautical Dawn05:09:3405:47:4500:38:11
Civil Dawn05:47:4506:18:4700:31:02
Salida del Sol06:18:4706:21:5500:03:08
Puesta del Sol20:25:5720:29:0500:03:08
Civil Dusk20:29:0521:00:1400:31:09
Nautical Dusk21:00:1421:38:3800:38:24
Astronomical Dusk21:38:3822:20:5700:42:19
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