Germany Guinness Records in 2005

This is a compilation of 17 Germany Guinness records in 2005. You may want to take a look at our complete list of Germany Guinness Records broken down by year.

WhenRecord nameWhatWho
17 December 2005Longest journey by tuk-tuk / autorickshaw37410 kilometre(s)Susi Bemsel and Daniel Snaider
06 November 2005Lowest note whistledF below middle C hertz(es)Jennifer Davies
06 October 2005Longest line of handprintsvivesco Apotheken-Partner GmbH
24 September 2005Most fish caught with one hand in one minuteMirko Dhem, Nils Graulich
03 September 2005Largest parade of Audi cars282 total numberChristian Strynar
September 2005Largest Pet Store8070.26 square metre(s)Norbert Zajac
05 August 2005Largest collection of giraffe-related items2443 total numberSusa Forster
23 July 2005Supermarket trolley pushing - distance in 24 hours (team)294.52 kilometre(s)EDEKA Suedbayern
June 2005Most footballs on a football pitch142393 total numberDeutsche Postbank AG
29 May 2005Largest continental breakfast (attendance)27854 peopleNutella®
May 2005Widest loom33.15 metre(s)Johannes Cichon
17 April 2005Longest marathon playing fistball (indoors)TG 1855 Neustadt bei Coburg e.V.
15 April 2005Most ships named/launched by an individualSureyya Ulusoy
20 March 2005Miniature golf, most holes in 24 hours, fourball1440 total numberMGC Olympia Kiel e.V.
01 March 2005Longest uninterrupted live television broadcast8763 day(s):hour(s):minute(s)Premiere
31 January 2005Largest simultaneous indoor BASE jump10 peopleJohannes Rose
2005Most television commercials for the same product by the same presenterThomas Gottschalk

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