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Brazil Holiday On January 25 2021?

The following are Brazil's national holidays and other observances that apply to Monday, 2021-01-25:

  • São Paulo Anniversary:

    [saopaulo] The city of São Paulo celebrates 467 years on {url} January, 2021. This is a municipal holiday. On January 25, 1554, day that commemorates the conversion of the Apostle Paul, priest Manuel de Paiva celebrated the first Mass on the hill. The celebration marked the beginning of the Jesuits movement, and made history as the birth of the city of São Paulo.Every year, the city of São Paulo promotes various commemorative attractions to celebrate the anniversary of the city; for example, musical concerts, art exhibitions, and cultural spaces. You should pay attention to changes in the opening hours of municipal services and agencies. Generally, banks remain closed.


[saopaulo] Municipal holiday of São Paulo.

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