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International Days May 5 2023 (United Nations)

The following is an overview of the days and the corresponding celebration declared by the United Nations that apply to Friday, 2023-05-05:

  • International Midwives' Day:

    This day was designated by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) as a day for all midwives from all organisations affiliated to the ICM to express worldwide solidarity and take action to highlight the knowledge and skills of midwives, and the contribution midwives make to the health of their nations. The first International Day of the Midwife was launched in May 1991 with the theme "Towards safe birth for all by the year 2000".
  • Day of Vesak:

    [floating] The General Assembly, by its resolution 54/115 of 1999, recognized internationally the Day of Vesak to acknowledge the contribution that Buddhism, one of the oldest religions in the world, has made for over two and a half millennia and continues to make to the spirituality of humanity. Vesak is celebrated by millions of Buddhists around the world on the day of May that occurs the first full Moon.


[floating] A 'floating' holiday. An employee at the United Nations may or may not choose to take this day as a holiday. Starting in 2016, the United Nations staff will no longer have 10 official holidays. There will be nine official holidays and each employee will be able to choose one of seven floating holidays as a 10th holiday.

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