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International Days November 5 2022 (United Nations)

The following is an overview of the days and the corresponding celebration declared by the United Nations that apply to Saturday, 2022-11-05:

  • World Tsunami Awareness Day:

    In December 2015, The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the resolution A/RES/70/203 declaring 5 November as World Tsunami Awareness Day to be observed each year aiming to raise awareness about the tsunamis, which can be extremely deadly. According to the United Nations,
    In the past 100 years, 58 of them (tsunamis) have claimed more than 260,000 lives, or an average of 4,600 per disaster, surpassing any other natural hazard. The highest number of deaths in that period was in the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004. It caused an estimated 227,000 fatalities in 14 countries, with Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand hardest-hit.

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