Japan Holiday On January 13 2020?

The following is a compilation of Japanese national holidays, national observances, patriotic commemorations and important secular events that apply during Monday, 2020-01-13:

  • Coming of Age Day - 成人の日:

    [nat] (Pronounced Seijin no Hi) This national holiday was established in 1948 as a day to congratulate and encourage people who have reached the age of maturity (20, 二十歳 hatachi) last year or before 31 March this year. Cities and towns throughout the nation hold ceremonies for these people. The girls traditionally wear “furisode” kimono (only single women wear them in Japan), while most young men opt for just regular suits. Officially, reaching maturity age in Japan gives young people the right to vote, smoke, drink alcohol and marry without permission from their parents. From a law enforcement perspective, offenders are no longer considered minors and crime suspects can be named. Originally held on January 15, in 2000 this holiday was changed to the second Monday of January in accordance with the Happy Monday System.


[nat] This is a national, government-recognized holiday.

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