China Guinness Records in 2004

This is a compilation of 14 China Guinness records in 2004. You may want to take a look at our complete list of China Guinness Records broken down by year.

WhenRecord nameWhatWho
27 December 2004Largest recorder ensembleHang Seng Bank Limited
17 December 2004Fastest stilt walker - 8km39/56 minute(s):second(s)Ashrita Furman
10 November 2004Largest collection of dinosaur eggs10008 total numberHeyuan Museum
10 November 2004Heaviest building moved intactGuangzhou Luban Corporation
31 October 2004Oldest tyrannosauroidUnknown
17 October 2004Largest erhu ensemble1490 peopleXuzhou Head Labour Union
17 October 2004Fastest marathon running backwards (male)3/43/39 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Xu Zhenjun
14 October 2004First US pro sports league to play in ChinafirstNBA
20 June 2004Oldest opera singerLuo Pinchao
08 May 2004Longest head hair (female)5.627 metre(s)Xie Qiuping
03 May 2004Highest dinner party6805 metre(s)Henry Shelford
02 February 2004Oldest fossilised embryoMarkuelia hunanensis
2004Busiest railway network for freight (country)2178000000 tonne(s)/metric ton(s)China
2004Largest stone sculpture200/218 metre(s)Administrative Commission for Mount Meng

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