Germany Guinness Records in 2002

This is a compilation of 10 Germany Guinness records in 2002. You may want to take a look at our complete list of Germany Guinness Records broken down by year.

WhenRecord nameWhatWho
27 December 2002Most rock 'n'roll windmills (shoulder-balls)Uschi Winkler and Markus Stetter
27 October 2002Longest duration juggling three shot puts - male52.05 second(s)Milan Roskopf
26 October 2002Largest soft cheeseEdelweiss Kaeswerk, Edelweiss Kaesewerk
21 September 2002Fastest run 25,000 metres (female)1/27/05.9 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Tegla Loroupe
07 September 2002Most pint glasses balanced on the headJohn Evans
August 2002Largest shopperGunter Andersen
04 May 2002Longest marathon tobogganing, steelMichael Kinzel
27 April 2002Most football headers by a team in two minutes54 total numberEnergie Cottbus under-17s
18 April 2002Largest structure made of cotton tips (q-tips)Monika Veidt
23 February 2002Most fish caught with one hand in 30 secondsJustin Hall, Jaison Scott

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