Germany Guinness Records in 2012

This is a compilation of 31 Germany Guinness records in 2012. You may want to take a look at our complete list of Germany Guinness Records broken down by year.

WhenRecord nameWhatWho
15 December 2012Longest journey by solar electric carSolar Car Project Hochschule Bochum
09 December 2012Fastest average time to solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's CubeSebastian Weyer
15 November 2012Most vehicle figure-of-eights on ice in two minutesJens Scherer, Rolf Allerdissen
05 November 2012Fastest time to build an AA battery pyramidLeon Dorff
02 November 2012Largest collection of coffee pots27390 total numberRobert Dahl
21 October 2012Longest marathon human beatbox25/30 hour(s):minute(s)Peter Wehrmann
03 October 2012Largest collection of beer labels548567 total numberHendrik Thomann, Hendrik Thomann
02 October 2012Largest rideable bicycle3.3 metre(s)Didi Senft
16 September 2012Largest parade of dumper trucks56 total numberDumper Team Näser
09 September 2012Loudest blow of an alphornRainer Bothe
09 September 2012Largest clothes peg3.5/65/44 metre(s)Karl Josef Biller
08 September 2012Most rugby passes by a team in three minutes237 total numberBerlin Bruisers
01 September 2012Most people spinning fire250 peopleAmeno Signum e.V.
19 August 2012Longest rotating grill / rotisserie60.55 metre(s)HaJaTec®
18 August 2012Largest banner flown by a helicopter5107 square metre(s)Möbel Martin GmbH & Co. KG
18 July 2012Most cocktails made in one hour (team)3906 total numberMatthias Knorr, Elena Barnetzki , Anna Knorr , Thomas Weinberger
18 July 2012Most capital cities named in one minute whilst on a rollercoaster27 total numberArtjom Pusch
14 July 2012Most consecutive dives in wave formationAOK - Die Gesundheitskasse für Niedersachsen , Maik Neubert
13 July 2012Farthest distance wall running (parkour)Amadei Weiland
12 July 2012Fastest 10-obstacle canine agility course (team of four dogs)57.26 minute(s):second(s)Thorsten Tiemann, Karin Hellriegel, Claus Ehrlich, Petra Ehrlich
07 July 2012Highest voltage from a potato battery1224 volt(s)Marie-Therese Gymnasium
07 July 2012Largest collection of three-piece tea setsPyrmonter Fuerstentreff
03 June 2012Longest marathon playing table football/foosball (team)24/1 hour(s)Hamburg Recordia, Kixx Hamburg , Christopher Marks, Marius Meyer-Hemme, Philipp Strauch, George Kamaly, Sascha Bostelmann, Sascha Michalke, Stefanie Schmid, Oliver Schlancke, Christoph Marks, Nikolaus Kraft
02 June 2012Most bank notes removed from a wallet by a dog in one minuteBen
02 June 2012Most hot water bottles burst with the nose in one minuteJemal Tkeshelashvili
06 May 2012Fastest road run 25 kilometres (male)1/11/18 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Dennis Kipruto Kimetto
22 April 2012Most bone marrow donors recruited in 24 hours2976 peopleDKMS Deutsche Knochmarkspenderdatei gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH
01 April 2012Longest duration juggling three objects underwater2/48 minute(s):second(s)Nikolay Linder
18 March 2012Longest underwater kiss (mouth to mouth breathing)20/11 minute(s):second(s)Nikolay Linder
03 March 2012Most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours9 total numberJeff Aug
12 February 2012Largest collection of hard-disk drivesStefan Springer

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