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Can Draconids be seen in Zimbabwe?

Harare, capital of Zimbabwe.

We recommend you read the introduction to meteor showers.

Draconids(DRA) meteor shower will be active from Tuesday, October 6 2020 until Saturday, October 10 2020. Its peak day is Thursday, October 8 2020, according to information published by the International Meteor Organization. For more information, check out the meteor shower calendar 2020.

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Position of Draconids

Draconids's radiant during its peak day will be at alpha=262°, delta=+54°. The zenithal hourly rate is: 10 meteors per hour.

The visibility of a meteor shower depends on several factors: geographic coordinates of observer and elevation, time of the day, city lights pollution, the weather and the terrain. For reference, we have calculated the position (elevation / azimuth) of Draconids's radiant in the sky during its peak day, Thursday, October 8 2020, for the following cities in Zimbabwe.

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The Sky and Stars in Zimbabwe

The following is a simulation of the sky and stars as seen from Harare, Zimbabwe during its peak day starting at 00:00.

You may adjust the speed of the simulator backward or forward to see the movement of the radiant over the horizon.

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