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US Holiday On June 21 2023?

The following is a compilation of American federal holidays, federal observances, state holidays and other common patriotic and national observances and commemorations that apply to the United States during Wednesday, 2023-06-21:

  • Honor America - Day 8:

    Honor America Days are United States Federal Observances observed from June 14 to July 4. According to 36 U.S.C. § 112, the 21 days from Flag Day through Independence Day is a period to honor America. On these days, Congress declares that there be public gatherings and activities during that period at which the people of the United States can celebrate and honor their country in an appropriate way.
  • Summer Solstice:

    [non] This year, the exact moment the summer solstice occurs is at 2023-06-21 09:57:11 am (Central Time USA), which is the moment when the Earth is tilted the most toward the sun and receives the most sunlight. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, although is not, strictly speaking, the hottest day of the year. In fact, the hottest days may come weeks after the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the first day of astronomical summer and is also referred by many simply as "the first day of summer". The summer solstice does not fall on the same day every year, rather, it can occur at any time between the 20th and the 22nd day of June in the northern hemisphere.


[non] This is a non-holiday notable day

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