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Month Calendar For United States Holidays June 2023

  • LGBT Pride Month[pro]: This month is meant to call attention towards equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. According to the Presidential Proclamation (2015),
    All people deserve to live with dignity and respect, free from fear and violence, and protected against discrimination, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. During Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, we celebrate the proud legacy LGBT individuals have woven into the fabric of our Nation, we honor those who have fought to perfect our Union, and we continue our work to build a society where every child grows up knowing that their country supports them, is proud of them, and has a place for them exactly as they are.
    • National Oceans Month[pro]: This month we remember our obligations to good ocean stewardship and we celebrate the products we receive from our marine ecosystems. According to the Presidential Proclamation (2015),
      This summer, millions of Americans will take in the beauty and natural splendor of our oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes. As destinations for recreation and tourism, these bodies of water rejuvenate our spirit and cultivate a love of our great outdoors. And no matter where you live or who you are, a healthy and thriving ocean is essential to all people all year. Our marine environments contribute to our food supply, bolster our economy, strengthen our national defense, and support important scientific research and innovation. They are some of humanity's greatest treasures and central to who we are as a people. During National Oceans Month, we celebrate these lifesustaining ecosystems, and we reaffirm our vital role as stewards of our planet.
      • Great Outdoors Month[pro]: This month is a time to celebrate America’s Great Outdoors and natural treasures and to recognize the benefits of active fun outdoors in our magnificent shared resources of forests, parks, refuges, and other public lands and waters. According to the Presidential Proclamation (2015),
        America's vast and varied landscapes have always been central to the character of our Nation and the story of our people. Their rugged beauty reflects our national history and heritage -- as pioneers who forged new paths and explorers who dared to venture into the unknown -- and continues to inspire new generations of outdoor enthusiasts. Our mountains and rivers are part of who we are, and they are the birthright of all our people. Today, one-third of all our Nation's land is publicly owned and set aside for the use and enjoyment of every American. These are the places that make our country great, and as heirs to this extraordinary legacy of conservation, we have an obligation to make sure our children and grandchildren can enjoy the everlasting bounty of the great outdoors.
        • National Caribbean-American Heritage Month[pro]: This is a time to celebrate the work, courage and perseverance of the Caribbean-American community in the United States. According to the Presidential Proclamation,
          For centuries, Americans have been united with our Caribbean neighbors not just by friendship and economic cooperation, but also by our common values and ties of kin. From a region of extraordinary beauty, generations of immigrants have brought their enormous spirit, unique talents, and vibrant culture to the United States. Their contributions have enriched our Nation and strengthened the deep bonds between our peoples. This month, we celebrate the Caribbean Americans whose legacies are woven into the fabric of our Nation, and we reaffirm our belief that throughout the region, we all share a stake in one another's success.
          • African-American Music Appreciation Month[pro]: This is a time to celebrate the work and music of the African-American community in the United States. According to the Presidential Proclamation (2015),
            For centuries, African-American musicians have shaped our Nation and helped tell our story. By melding enduring truths with new sounds, they have pioneered entire genres and contributed to the foundation of our musical landscape -- capturing an essential part of who we are as Americans. During African-American Music Appreciation Month, we recognize the artists who have enriched our lives and the ways their beats and harmonies have advanced our unending journey toward a more perfect Union.

            The following is a compilation of American federal holidays, federal observances, state holidays and other common patriotic and national observances and commemorations that apply to the United States during june 2023:

            June 2023
            Week 22
            29 Monday
            30 Tuesday
            31 Wednesday
            Week 23
            Week 24
            Week 25
            Week 26
            1 Saturday
            2 Sunday
            3 Monday
            4 Tuesday
            5 Wednesday
            6 Thursday
            7 Friday
            8 Saturday
            9 Sunday
            10 Monday
            11 Tuesday
            12 Wednesday
            13 Thursday
            14 Friday
            15 Saturday
            16 Sunday


            [pro] This is a special day designated by presidential proclamation.

            [fl-le] This is a Legal Holiday in the State of Florida. If a holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as a holiday and if a holidays falls on Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as a holiday.

            [md-ob] This is a special day of observance in the State of Maryland.

            [al] This is an official holiday in the State of Alabama. In Alabama, Saturday holidays are observed on Fridays and Sunday holidays are observed on Mondays.

            [oh-sp] This is a special day, week or month by Statutory Designation in the State of Ohio.

            [nhas] Part of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy Awareness Days.

            [fed-ob] United States federal observances are days, weeks, months, or other periods designated by the United States Congress for the commemoration or other observance of various events, activities, or topics. These observances differ from Federal holidays in that Federal employees only receive a day free from work on holidays, not observances. Federal observances that are designated by Congress appear in Title 36 of the United States Code (36 U.S.C. § 101 et seq.).

            [pa-sp] An special day of observance in the State of Pennsylvania.

            [hi] This is a State Holiday in the State of Hawaii.

            [suffolk] Legal Holiday in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

            [ca-le] This is a Legal Holiday in the State of California.

            [tx] This is a State Holiday in the State of Texas.State offices are scheduled to be open on partial staffing holidays and optional holidays. Please call ahead to confirm hours. Offices will not be closed on another day when designated holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday. An employee is entitled to observe optional holidays in lieu of any partial staffing holiday on which state offices are required to be open to conduct public business.

            [par] Partial staffing holiday

            [non] This is a non-holiday notable day

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