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The largest ‘Nussecke’ weighs 450 kg (992 lb 1.28 oz) and measures 5.57 m (18 ft 3.29 in) x 5.67 m (18 ft 7.23 in) x 9 m (29 ft 6.33 in) x 3.5 cm (1.38 in). It was prepared by 20 bakeries members of the German baker guild Rhein-Mosel-Eifel on 17 December 2010 at Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, Germany.
After the measurement the large Nussecke was cut and handed out to the audience in small pieces, with donations going to the charity “Herzenssache”, sponsored by the German state TV and radio station SWR. Nussecke is a traditional German nut and chocolate pastry in the shape of a wedge. 50 pastry chefs participated in producing the Nussecke, which was made with the pastry baked in 76 baking trays (60 cm x 40 cm;1 ft 11.62 x 1 ft 3.75 in), cut into shape and glued together with chocolate glaze. After the Nussecke was glued together its whole surface was covered with whole milk chocolate glaze (20 kg;44 lb 1.44 oz) and minced hazelnuts (12 kg;26 lb 7.36 oz). The sides were covered with dark chocolate glaze. The recipe included, among other ingredients, 121 kg (266 lb 12.16 oz) of wheat flour, 155 kg (341 lb 11.52 oz) of minced hazelnuts, 48 kg (105 lb 13.12 oz) of sugar, 72 kg (158 lb 11.68 oz) butter and 300 eggs. The single baking trays were weighted before they were glued together with chocolate glaze and minced hazelnuts.

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