Germany Guinness Records in 2010

This is a compilation of 40 Germany Guinness records in 2010. You may want to take a look at our complete list of Germany Guinness Records broken down by year.

WhenRecord nameWhatWho
28 December 2010Greatest distance walked in snowshoes in 24 hours94.41 kilometre(s)Thomas Mueller, Heiko Becher
17 December 2010Largest nusseckeBäcker-Innung Rhein-Mosel-Eifel - Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts
03 December 2010Most Nicholaus boots filled up with giftsVolksbank Oberberg eG
19 November 2010Tightrope walking - greatest distance in 24 hours15.68 kilometre(s)Joey Kelly
18 November 2010Fastest time to blow a stamp one mile1/57/38 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Christian Schäfer
18 November 2010Water slide riding - distance in 4 hours - female32.06 kilometre(s)Kerstin Nina Bauer
18 November 2010Greatest distance water slide riding in 4 hours - team320.68 kilometre(s)Peter Hecker, Florian Pfeiffer, Dennis Bettin, Stefan Servos, Markus Sekta, Kerstin Nina Bauer, Steve Schild, Michael Radowsky, Kristian Milde, Domenic Tollens
18 November 2010Water slide riding, distance in 24 hours (female)100.48 kilometre(s)Stephanie Hammers
18 November 2010Water slide riding, distance in 24 hours (team, female)827.73 kilometre(s)Sandra Morawitz, Christin Barz, Sabrina Kolb, Tamy Heinz, Alexandra Koller, Lisa Schösse, Melanie Günther, Sarah Schaffelke, Stephanie Hammers, Julia Siering
18 November 2010Longest tube / mat water slide356.32 metre(s)Magic-Eye at Galaxy Erding
18 November 2010Water slide riding - distance in 4 hours - male36.7 kilometre(s)Peter Hecker
17 November 2010Most arrows caught by hand in two minutes43 total numberJoe Alexander
17 November 2010Most baseball bats broken with hands in one minuteMuhamed Kahrimanovic
30 October 2010Longest RCP Mini-Z race trackCatz-Sports GmbH
03 October 2010Fastest time to blow a stamp 100 m3/3 minute(s):second(s)Christian Schäfer
03 October 2010Longest whistling marathon25/30/5 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Jennifer Anavi Davies
03 October 2010Longest reparations bill in modern timesGermany
01 October 2010Tallest geraniumHerbert Jonas
16 September 2010Most seat drops on a trampoline in one minute49 total numberOleksandr Nakonechny
08 September 2010Largest vocabulary for a bird - living148 total numberOskar
11 August 2010Jumping – men, barefoot waterskiing29.9 metre(s)David Small
05 August 2010Most piercings, single count (male)453 total numberRolf Buchholz
01 August 2010Longest chain of apronsMartina Fichte
10 July 2010Largest banner flown by an airplane218.03 square metre(s)Edmund Löbbers
04 July 2010Longest marathon playing beach volleyball25/39 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Mateusz Baca, Sebastian Lüdke, Tomasz Olszak, Wojciech Kurczyński
03 July 2010Largest simultaneous sing-along - one venue105000 peopleAlexandra Lüthje
23 June 2010Largest rap7519 peopleChristian Weirich
14 June 2010Largest violinVogtland masters of violin and bow making
10 June 2010Largest collection of pocket mirrors698 total numberIrene Braun
June 2010First algae powered aircraftfirstDiamond DA42 NG
09 May 2010Fastest road run 25 kilometres (female)1/19/53 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Mary Jepkosgei Keitany
08 May 2010Longest vegetarian sausage101 metre(s)Metzgerei Schnitzel e.V.
01 May 2010Largest potato dumpling365 kilogram(s)Ablig Feinfrost GmbH
30 April 2010Largest serving of currywurstMKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co.
13 April 2010Most electrical energy generated by pedalling underwaterLloyd Matthew Godson
08 March 2010Most visitors to a musical in a single theatre13044148 peopleMaik Klokow
23 February 2010Largest collection of mobile phones1563 total numberCarsten Tews
14 February 2010Most 'around the moon'ball control tricks in one minute61 total numberAdrian Fogel
05 February 2010Largest collection of sports mascots874 total numberFalk and Adina Hinneberg
2010Winter Paralympics, Biathlon, most gold medalsVerena Bentele

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