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Time Changes in Burundi 2017

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Time zones in use in Burundi

In Burundi, there is only one time zone in use: Central Africa Time, CAT (UTC+02). Time in Burundi does not change because it does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

For comparing the current time in Burundi and United Kingdom or any other country combination, visit time comparison. For an introduction to UTC and world time, read UTC by country. Time changes in Burundi are shown below by city, state or region.

RegionsStandard TimeDaylight Saving Time
Time zone201620172018Time zone201620172018
  • Bujumbura
Central Africa Time
CAT (UTC+02)
UTC+02 all year longNo Daylight Saving Time

History of Time Changes

The information in this page comes from data published in the Time Zone Database managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

YearTime zone AbbreviationUTC OffsetTime zone NameDaylight Saving TimeBegins (local time)
1903CATUTC+02Central Africa TimenoSaturday, February 28 1903, 12:00 AM
1901LMTUTC+02:10:20noFriday, December 13 1901, 10:56 PM

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