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UTC Offset by Country

What is UTC?

Universal Time Coordinated, abbreviated as UTC, is the base time for all civilian clocks in the modern world. UTC is obtained from International Atomic Time, a time standard calculated from a weighted average of the signals of about 70 atomic clocks located in different parts of the world.

What is a time zone?

To establish their official time, countries add or subtract minutes to UTC by taking into account political and economic reasons as well as their geographical position with respect to the Greenwich meridian. In other words, the local time of a country is a deviation from UTC. These UTC deviations, either positive or negative, are called time zones, and they are expressed in terms of hours (i.e. UTC-2, two hours less than UTC) and are usually assigned a name.

For example, according to Mexico's national metrology center and the law governing the time system, in Mexico the following time zones have been established:

  • Tiempo del Sureste (UTC-5)
  • Tiempo del Centro (UTC-6)
  • Tiempo del Pacífico (UTC-7)
  • Tiempo del Noroeste (UTC-8)

Similarly, section 260 of title 15 of the United States Code of Law establishes the following time zones:

  • Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
  • Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
  • Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7)
  • Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
  • Alaska Standard Time (UTC-9)
  • Hawaii–Aleutian Standard Time (UTC-10)
  • Atlantic Standard Time (UTC-4)
  • Samoa Standard Time (UTC-11)
  • Chamorro Standard Time(UTC+10)

Generally, those countries west of the Greenwich meridian establish their official time by substracting minutes to UTC, whereas those countries east of the Greenwich meridian set their official time by adding minutes from UTC. 15 degrees longitude east of the Greenwich meridian equals approximately +1 hour with respect to coordinated universal time (UTC+1). Similarly, 15 degrees longitude west of the Greenwich meridian equals -1 hour with respect to coordinated universal time (UTC-1). This is because the Earth rotates from west to east and, therefore, countries east of the meridian receive sunlight before western countries. It should be noted that this rule is not always applied and each country establishes its deviation from UTC in full freedom.

Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time consists in advancing the clocks one hour during the summer months so that more daylight is available during the evening. For example, Madrid, Spain uses Central European Time (UTC+1) most of the year. However, during the period between the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October, the Central European Summer Time (UTC+2) is used where the clocks are set one hour ahead. Like Madrid, other jurisdictions in the world implement daylight saving time with their own rules.

With the following table you can calculate the local time in the main cities of the world.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is often referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The GMT time scale is no longer used, and the use of GMT to designate UTC is discouraged.

UTC date and time right now is: ??:??

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Table updated on Friday, October 7 2022.

UTCCountryCityDate and Time
UTC-11American SamoaAll its territory.
UTC-11NiueAll its territory.
UTC-10Cook IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-10French PolynesiaAll its territory.
UTC-10United States Minor Outlying IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-10United StatesHonolulu, Hawaii
UTC-8Pitcairn IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-8United StatesAnchorage, Alaska(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-7CanadaBritish Columbia, Yukon Territory(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-7MexicoBaja California(Daylight Saving Time), Baja California Sur(Daylight Saving Time), Chihuahua(Daylight Saving Time), Colima(Daylight Saving Time), Sonora
UTC-7United StatesSeattle, Washington(Daylight Saving Time), Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California(Daylight Saving Time), Las Vegas, Nevada(Daylight Saving Time), Portland, Oregon(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-6BelizeAll its territory.
UTC-6CanadaAlberta(Daylight Saving Time), Northwest Territories(Daylight Saving Time), Saskatchewan
UTC-6Costa RicaAll its territory.
UTC-6El SalvadorAll its territory.
UTC-6GuatemalaAll its territory.
UTC-6HondurasAll its territory.
UTC-6MexicoSinaloa(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-6NicaraguaAll its territory.
UTC-6United StatesDenver, Colorado(Daylight Saving Time), Boise, Idaho(Daylight Saving Time), Billings, Montana(Daylight Saving Time), Albuquerque, New Mexico(Daylight Saving Time), Salt Lake City, Utah(Daylight Saving Time), Cheyenne, Wyoming(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-5BrazilRio Branco
UTC-5CanadaManitoba(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-5Cayman IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-5ChileIsla de Pascua(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-5ColombiaAll its territory.
UTC-5EcuadorAll its territory.
UTC-5JamaicaAll its territory.
UTC-5MexicoMéxico City(Daylight Saving Time), Aguascalientes(Daylight Saving Time), Campeche(Daylight Saving Time), Chiapas(Daylight Saving Time), Coahuila de Zaragoza(Daylight Saving Time), Distrito Federal(Daylight Saving Time), Durango(Daylight Saving Time), Guanajuato(Daylight Saving Time), Guerrero(Daylight Saving Time), Hidalgo(Daylight Saving Time), Jalisco(Daylight Saving Time), Michoacán de Ocampo(Daylight Saving Time), Morelos(Daylight Saving Time), Nayarit(Daylight Saving Time), Nuevo León(Daylight Saving Time), Oaxaca(Daylight Saving Time), Puebla(Daylight Saving Time), Querétaro de Arteaga(Daylight Saving Time), Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí(Daylight Saving Time), Tabasco(Daylight Saving Time), Tamaulipas(Daylight Saving Time), Tlaxcala(Daylight Saving Time), Veracruz-Llave(Daylight Saving Time), Yucatán(Daylight Saving Time), Zacatecas(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-5PanamaAll its territory.
UTC-5PeruAll its territory.
UTC-5United StatesBirmingham, Alabama(Daylight Saving Time), Chicago, Illinois(Daylight Saving Time), Des Moines, Iowa(Daylight Saving Time), Wichita, Kansas(Daylight Saving Time), New Orleans, Louisiana(Daylight Saving Time), Minneapolis, Minnesota(Daylight Saving Time), Jackson, Mississippi(Daylight Saving Time), Kansas City, Missouri(Daylight Saving Time), Omaha, Nebraska(Daylight Saving Time), Fargo, North Dakota(Daylight Saving Time), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma(Daylight Saving Time), Sioux Falls, South Dakota(Daylight Saving Time), Houston, Texas(Daylight Saving Time), Milwaukee, Wisconsin(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-4Antigua and BarbudaAll its territory.
UTC-4BahamasAll its territory.
UTC-4Caribbean NetherlandsAll its territory.
UTC-4BarbadosAll its territory.
UTC-4BoliviaAll its territory.
UTC-4BrazilManaus, Cuiabá, Campo Grande, Porto Velho, Boa Vista
UTC-4Virgin IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-4CanadaOttawa(Daylight Saving Time), Nunavut(Daylight Saving Time), Ontario(Daylight Saving Time), Quebec(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-4CubaAll its territory.
UTC-4CuraçaoAll its territory.
UTC-4DominicaAll its territory.
UTC-4Dominican RepublicAll its territory.
UTC-4GrenadaAll its territory.
UTC-4GuadeloupeAll its territory.
UTC-4GuyanaAll its territory.
UTC-4HaitiAll its territory.
UTC-4MartiniqueAll its territory.
UTC-4MontserratAll its territory.
UTC-4ArubaAll its territory.
UTC-4Puerto RicoAll its territory.
UTC-4Saint Kitts and NevisAll its territory.
UTC-4AnguillaAll its territory.
UTC-4Saint LuciaAll its territory.
UTC-4Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesAll its territory.
UTC-4Sint MaartenAll its territory.
UTC-4Trinidad and TobagoAll its territory.
UTC-4Turks and Caicos IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-4United StatesWashington, District of Columbia(Daylight Saving Time), Little Rock, Arkansas(Daylight Saving Time), Bridgeport, Connecticut(Daylight Saving Time), Dover, Delaware(Daylight Saving Time), Jacksonville, Florida(Daylight Saving Time), Atlanta, Georgia(Daylight Saving Time), Indianapolis, Indiana(Daylight Saving Time), Louisville, Kentucky(Daylight Saving Time), Augusta, Maine(Daylight Saving Time), Baltimore, Maryland(Daylight Saving Time), Boston, Massachusetts(Daylight Saving Time), Detroit, Michigan(Daylight Saving Time), Manchester, New Hampshire(Daylight Saving Time), Newark, New Jersey(Daylight Saving Time), New York, New York(Daylight Saving Time), Charlotte, North Carolina(Daylight Saving Time), Columbus, Ohio(Daylight Saving Time), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(Daylight Saving Time), Providence, Rhode Island(Daylight Saving Time), Columbia, South Carolina(Daylight Saving Time), Memphis, Tennessee(Daylight Saving Time), Montpelier, Vermont(Daylight Saving Time), Virginia Beach, Virginia(Daylight Saving Time), Charleston, West Virginia(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-4Virgin IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-4VenezuelaAll its territory.
UTC-3ArgentinaAll its territory.
UTC-3BermudaAll its territory.
UTC-3BrazilBrasilia, Maceió, Macapá, Salvador, Fortaleza, Vitória, Goiânia, São Luís, Belo Horizonte, Belém, João Pessoa, Curitiba, Recife, Teresina, Rio de Janeiro, Natal, Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, São Paulo, Aracaju, Palmas
UTC-3CanadaNew Brunswick(Daylight Saving Time), Nova Scotia(Daylight Saving Time), Prince Edward Island(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-3ChileSantiago(Daylight Saving Time), Valparaíso(Daylight Saving Time), Antofagasta(Daylight Saving Time), Araucanía(Daylight Saving Time), Atacama(Daylight Saving Time), Bío-Bío(Daylight Saving Time), Coquimbo(Daylight Saving Time), Los Lagos(Daylight Saving Time), Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena(Daylight Saving Time), Maule(Daylight Saving Time), Region Metropolitana(Daylight Saving Time), Tarapacá(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-3Falkland Islands (Malvinas)All its territory.
UTC-3French GuianaAll its territory.
UTC-3ParaguayAll its territory.
UTC-3SurinameAll its territory.
UTC-3UruguayAll its territory.
UTC-2.5CanadaNewfoundland(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-2South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsAll its territory.
UTC-2GreenlandAll its territory.
UTC-2Saint Pierre and MiquelonAll its territory.
UTC-1Cape VerdeAll its territory.
UTC+0French Southern TerritoriesAll its territory.
UTC+0GambiaAll its territory.
UTC+0GhanaAll its territory.
UTC+0GuineaAll its territory.
UTC+0IcelandAll its territory.
UTC+0Ivory CoastAll its territory.
UTC+0LiberiaAll its territory.
UTC+0MaliAll its territory.
UTC+0MauritaniaAll its territory.
UTC+0PortugalAzores(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC+0Guinea BissauAll its territory.
UTC+0Saint HelenaAll its territory.
UTC+0São Tomé and PríncipeAll its territory.
UTC+0SenegalAll its territory.
UTC+0Sierra LeoneAll its territory.
UTC+0TogoAll its territory.
UTC+0Burkina FasoAll its territory.
UTC+1AlgeriaAll its territory.
UTC+1AngolaAll its territory.
UTC+1CameroonAll its territory.
UTC+1Central African RepublicAll its territory.
UTC+1ChadAll its territory.
UTC+1Republic of the CongoAll its territory.
UTC+1Democratic Republic of the CongoKinshasa
UTC+1BeninAll its territory.
UTC+1Equatorial GuineaAll its territory.
UTC+1Faroe IslandsAll its territory.
UTC+1GabonAll its territory.
UTC+1IrelandAll its territory.
UTC+1MoroccoAll its territory.
UTC+1NigerAll its territory.
UTC+1NigeriaAll its territory.
UTC+1PortugalLisboa(Daylight Saving Time), Aveiro(Daylight Saving Time), Beja(Daylight Saving Time), Braga(Daylight Saving Time), Braganca(Daylight Saving Time), Castelo Branco(Daylight Saving Time), Coimbra(Daylight Saving Time), Evora(Daylight Saving Time), Faro(Daylight Saving Time), Guarda(Daylight Saving Time), Leiria(Daylight Saving Time), Madeira(Daylight Saving Time), Portalegre(Daylight Saving Time), Porto(Daylight Saving Time), Santarem(Daylight Saving Time), Setubal(Daylight Saving Time), Viana do Castelo(Daylight Saving Time), Vila Real(Daylight Saving Time), Viseu(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC+1SpainLas Palmas(Daylight Saving Time), Santa Cruz de Tenerife(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC+1Western SaharaAll its territory.
UTC+1TunisiaAll its territory.
UTC+1United KingdomAll its territory.
UTC+1GuernseyAll its territory.
UTC+1JerseyAll its territory.
UTC+1Isle of ManAll its territory.
UTC+2AlbaniaAll its territory.
UTC+2AndorraAll its territory.
UTC+2AustriaAll its territory.
UTC+2BelgiumAll its territory.
UTC+2Bosnia and HerzegovinaAll its territory.
UTC+2BotswanaAll its territory.
UTC+2Bouvet IslandAll its territory.
UTC+2BurundiAll its territory.
UTC+2Democratic Republic of the CongoLubumbashi
UTC+2CroatiaAll its territory.
UTC+2Czech RepublicAll its territory.
UTC+2DenmarkAll its territory.
UTC+2FranceAll its territory.
UTC+2GermanyAll its territory.
UTC+2GibraltarAll its territory.
UTC+2Holy See (Vatican City State)All its territory.
UTC+2HungaryAll its territory.
UTC+2ItalyAll its territory.
UTC+2LesothoAll its territory.
UTC+2LibyaAll its territory.
UTC+2LiechtensteinAll its territory.
UTC+2LuxembourgAll its territory.
UTC+2MalawiAll its territory.
UTC+2MaltaAll its territory.
UTC+2MonacoAll its territory.
UTC+2MontenegroAll its territory.
UTC+2MozambiqueAll its territory.
UTC+2NamibiaAll its territory.
UTC+2NetherlandsAll its territory.
UTC+2NorwayAll its territory.
UTC+2PolandAll its territory.
UTC+2RwandaAll its territory.
UTC+2San MarinoAll its territory.
UTC+2SerbiaAll its territory.
UTC+2SlovakiaAll its territory.
UTC+2SloveniaAll its territory.
UTC+2South AfricaAll its territory.
UTC+2ZimbabweAll its territory.
UTC+2SpainMadrid(Daylight Saving Time), A Coruña(Daylight Saving Time), Álava(Daylight Saving Time), Albacete(Daylight Saving Time), Alacant(Daylight Saving Time), Almería(Daylight Saving Time), Asturias(Daylight Saving Time), Ávila(Daylight Saving Time), Badajoz(Daylight Saving Time), Barcelona(Daylight Saving Time), Burgos(Daylight Saving Time), Cáceres(Daylight Saving Time), Cádiz(Daylight Saving Time), Cantabria(Daylight Saving Time), Castellón(Daylight Saving Time), Ceuta(Daylight Saving Time), Ciudad Real(Daylight Saving Time), Córdoba(Daylight Saving Time), Cuenca(Daylight Saving Time), Girona(Daylight Saving Time), Granada(Daylight Saving Time), Guadalajara(Daylight Saving Time), Guipúzcoa(Daylight Saving Time), Huelva(Daylight Saving Time), Huesca(Daylight Saving Time), Illes Balears(Daylight Saving Time), Jaén(Daylight Saving Time), La Rioja(Daylight Saving Time), León(Daylight Saving Time), Lleida(Daylight Saving Time), Lugo(Daylight Saving Time), Málaga(Daylight Saving Time), Melilla(Daylight Saving Time), Murcia(Daylight Saving Time), Navarra(Daylight Saving Time), Ourense(Daylight Saving Time), Palencia(Daylight Saving Time), Pontevedra(Daylight Saving Time), Salamanca(Daylight Saving Time), Segovia(Daylight Saving Time), Sevilla(Daylight Saving Time), Soria(Daylight Saving Time), Tarragona(Daylight Saving Time), Teruel(Daylight Saving Time), Toledo(Daylight Saving Time), València(Daylight Saving Time), Valladolid(Daylight Saving Time), Vizcaya(Daylight Saving Time), Zamora(Daylight Saving Time), Zaragoza(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC+2SudanAll its territory.
UTC+2Svalbard and Jan MayenAll its territory.
UTC+2SwazilandAll its territory.
UTC+2SwedenAll its territory.
UTC+2SwitzerlandAll its territory.
UTC+2MacedoniaAll its territory.
UTC+2EgyptAll its territory.
UTC+2ZambiaAll its territory.
UTC+2RussiaKaliningrad Oblast
UTC+3BahrainAll its territory.
UTC+3BulgariaAll its territory.
UTC+3BelarusAll its territory.
UTC+3ComorosAll its territory.
UTC+3MayotteAll its territory.
UTC+3CyprusAll its territory.
UTC+3EthiopiaAll its territory.
UTC+3EritreaAll its territory.
UTC+3EstoniaAll its territory.
UTC+3FinlandAll its territory.
UTC+3Aland IslandsAll its territory.
UTC+3DjiboutiAll its territory.
UTC+3Palestinian TerritoryAll its territory.
UTC+3GreeceAll its territory.
UTC+3IraqAll its territory.
UTC+3IsraelAll its territory.
UTC+3JordanAll its territory.
UTC+3KenyaAll its territory.
UTC+3KuwaitAll its territory.
UTC+3LebanonAll its territory.
UTC+3LatviaAll its territory.
UTC+3LithuaniaAll its territory.
UTC+3MadagascarAll its territory.
UTC+3MoldovaAll its territory.
UTC+3QatarAll its territory.
UTC+3RomaniaAll its territory.
UTC+3Saudi ArabiaAll its territory.
UTC+3SomaliaAll its territory.
UTC+3SyriaAll its territory.
UTC+3TurkeyAll its territory.
UTC+3UgandaAll its territory.
UTC+3UkraineAll its territory.
UTC+3TanzaniaAll its territory.
UTC+3YemenAll its territory.
UTC+3RussiaMoscow, Adygeya
UTC+3.5IranAll its territory.
UTC+4AzerbaijanAll its territory.
UTC+4ArmeniaAll its territory.
UTC+4GeorgiaAll its territory.
UTC+4MauritiusAll its territory.
UTC+4OmanAll its territory.
UTC+4ReunionAll its territory.
UTC+4SeychellesAll its territory.
UTC+4United Arab EmiratesAll its territory.
UTC+4RussiaVolgograd, Samara
UTC+4.5AfghanistanAll its territory.
UTC+5Heard Island and McDonald IslandsAll its territory.
UTC+5MaldivesAll its territory.
UTC+5PakistanAll its territory.
UTC+5TajikistanAll its territory.
UTC+5TurkmenistanAll its territory.
UTC+5UzbekistanAll its territory.
UTC+5.5Sri LankaAll its territory.
UTC+5.5IndiaAll its territory.
UTC+5.75NepalAll its territory.
UTC+6AntarcticaAll its territory.
UTC+6BangladeshAll its territory.
UTC+6BhutanAll its territory.
UTC+6British Indian Ocean TerritoryAll its territory.
UTC+6ChinaTianjin, Xinjiang, Xizang
UTC+6KazakhstanAll its territory.
UTC+6KyrgyzstanAll its territory.
UTC+6.5MyanmarAll its territory.
UTC+6.5Cocos IslandsAll its territory.
UTC+7CambodiaAll its territory.
UTC+7Christmas IslandAll its territory.
UTC+7IndonesiaJakarta, Pontianak
UTC+7LaosAll its territory.
UTC+7VietNamAll its territory.
UTC+7ThailandAll its territory.
UTC+7RussiaNovosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk
UTC+8AustraliaWestern Australia
UTC+8BruneiAll its territory.
UTC+8ChinaBeijing, Anhui, Chongqing, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hong Kong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jilin, Liaoning, Neimenggu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanghai, Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang
UTC+8TaiwanAll its territory.
UTC+8Hong KongAll its territory.
UTC+8MacauAll its territory.
UTC+8MalaysiaAll its territory.
UTC+8MongoliaAll its territory.
UTC+8PhilippinesAll its territory.
UTC+8SingaporeAll its territory.
UTC+9JapanAll its territory.
UTC+9North KoreaAll its territory.
UTC+9South KoreaAll its territory.
UTC+9PalauAll its territory.
UTC+9Timor LesteAll its territory.
UTC+9.5AustraliaNorthern Territory
UTC+10GuamAll its territory.
UTC+10Northern Mariana IslandsAll its territory.
UTC+10Papua New GuineaAll its territory.
UTC+10.5AustraliaSouth Australia(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC+11AustraliaCanberra(Daylight Saving Time), Sidney(Daylight Saving Time), New South Wales(Daylight Saving Time), Tasmania(Daylight Saving Time), Victoria(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC+11Solomon IslandsAll its territory.
UTC+11New CaledoniaAll its territory.
UTC+11VanuatuAll its territory.
UTC+11MicronesiaAll its territory.
UTC+12FijiAll its territory.
UTC+12KiribatiAll its territory.
UTC+12NauruAll its territory.
UTC+12Norfolk IslandAll its territory.
UTC+12Marshall IslandsAll its territory.
UTC+12TuvaluAll its territory.
UTC+12Wallis and FutunaAll its territory.
UTC+12RussiaKamchatka, Anadyr
UTC+13New ZealandAll its territory.
UTC+13TokelauAll its territory.
UTC+13TongaAll its territory.
UTC+14SamoaAll its territory.

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