Germany Guinness Records in 2013

This is a compilation of 35 Germany Guinness records in 2013. You may want to take a look at our complete list of Germany Guinness Records broken down by year.

WhenRecord nameWhatWho
26 November 2013Largest display of soldering gunsIMM Stiftung
28 September 2013Largest paper aircraft18.21 metre(s)Braunschweig Institute of Technology
22 September 2013Heaviest weight lifted with glue (non-commercially available)16.09 UK ton(s)/long ton(s) = 2,240 lbGerman Aerospace Center
17 September 2013Largest CPR training session11840 peopleKlinik für Anästhesiologie, operative Intensivmedizin und Schmerztherapie Münster
14 September 2013Fastest mile egg and spoon race5/27 minute(s):second(s)Stefan Ritte
08 September 2013Farthest distance cycling underwater6,708 m (22,007.83 ft) kilometre(s)Jens Stotzner
07 September 2013Largest collection of electronic calculators4113 total numberGerhard Wenzel
25 August 2013Longest bunting line17,600 metre(s)Insel Poel (Poeler Einwohner und Freunde)
20 August 2013Fastest completion of Resident Evil 4 (Load Game)1/31/29 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)Robert Brandl
10 August 2013Highest jump on spring loaded stilts2.76 metre(s)Lars Oetken
10 August 2013Fastest swim short course 800 metres freestyle (female)7/59.34 minute(s):second(s)Mireia Belmonte
20 July 2013Most tennis hits between two people in one hourFrank Fuhrmann, Dennis Fuhrmann
13 July 2013Most jumps (switches) 180°on a bicycle in one minute43 total numberDaniel Rall
13 July 2013Tallest candy-floss (cotton candy)5.45 metre(s)SV Feldkirchen-Mitterhartshausen eV
13 July 2013Most sandcastles built in one hourSV Feldkirchen-Mitterhartshausen eV
12 July 2013Most mini dominoes toppled2000 total numberSinners Domino Entertainment
29 June 2013Largest polka dance802 peopleBanater Schwaben Crailsheim
27 June 2013Fastest time to dress a firefighter (fireman)27.08 minute(s):second(s)Nicolas Fox, Michael Gerber
26 June 2013Fastest time to push a car 50 m with a spear to the throat40.14 second(s)Sebastian Kopke
23 June 2013Largest collection of napkins125866 total numberMartina Schellenberg
22 June 2013Longest unicycle chain346 peopleGerlind Baum
21 June 2013Most juggling catches on a circus pole in one minuteIsabelle Noël
11 June 2013Fastest time for a dog to retrieve a person from water (25 m)1/36.812 minute(s):second(s)Hans-Joachim Brückmann
10 June 2013Fastest chimney ascent - horizontalRaffael Armbruster
07 June 2013Tallest professional golfer ever2.06 metre(s)Marcel Pickel
01 June 2013Longest line of fanfare trumpeters (valveless trumpets)460 peopleMärkischer Turnerbund
15 May 2013Largest sauna166.10 square metre(s)Josef Wund
14 May 2013Largest collection of sugar packets14502 total numberRalf Schröder
28 April 2013Most people maypole dancing388 peopleKulturrat des Schwäbischen Albvereins
28 March 2013Largest mousetrapDietmar Weides
19 March 2013Most chillies chopped in thirty secondsSteffen Henssler
07 March 2013Longest chain of chestnuts312.84 total numberLebenshilfe Starnberg
03 March 2013Largest collection of masks5600 total numberGerold Weschenmoser
03 March 2013Longest duration juggling three objects underwater (SCUBA)1/40 minute(s):second(s)Markus Just
2013Fastest automated parking facility1, 44 minute(s):second(s)VW Autostadt

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